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Why Packaging Matters

You only get one chance at a first impression, it's the first real life interaction that your customers have with a product that until then, they've only seen on a screen.

There's nothing better than opening up a package that's arrived to find that not only is it a fantastic product but the packaging makes it exciting to open. Here at Rock 'N' Roll Chocolate, we are always looking into new packaging to make opening our parcels an experience.

I try to use as little plastic as possible, we use cardboard boxes, shredded coloured paper and all our thank you slips are printed on paper and finished by hand. I only use plastic for the cellophane bags our delicious Belgian chocolate comes in and the odd bit of bubble wrap to protect our goodies during the shipping process. We even add in a little free sweet treat with every order.

Where possible I love to use other small business for our packaging needs. Our stickers we use on the cellophane bags, were printed by a small business who work via EBay. I try to buy our cellophane bags off small business websites were possible. I love using small business as being one myself, I understand how much an order means AND it means generally you get a better quality product.

One fantastic way of upping your packaging game is the likes of personalised vellum paper. Not only can you get it in a variety of colours and with your business logo or name on but it makes the whole package stand out from the crowd. Folded neatly and finished with a branded logo sticker, screams quality, personality and love. An example is this vellum paper from Ribbon Design

I love a personal touch, which is why all thank you slips are hand finished with the customers name and my own. Yes it takes time, especially when you've got a few orders to get through but I think it's a really important element. It helps give your brand an identity and reminds customers that there is a person before the brand.

Rock 'N' Roll Chocolate Thank You Slips
Rock 'N' Roll Chocolate Thank You Slips

Another fab way to add a bit of personality is custom logo stickers. I add them to every chocolate bar and into the package itself. It's a fantastic bit of marketing and really helps make packages look better. They don't cost a lot, come in a load of different shapes, textures and finishes and along side thank you stickers, really help with branding. I also love the idea of them being present when one of our Belgian chocolate bars are gifted. As we offer custom and personalised chocolate, our bars are often sent direct to their lucky recipients for birthdays, anniversary, exam results and celebrations so by have our logo stickers, no matter what our brand stays with the bar.

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