• Rebecca Powell

The Secrets Of Luxury Chocolate

Chocolate is chocolate, right? You couldn't be more wrong!

There are hundreds of different brands, flavours and types of the good stuff but how can you tell the difference between low quality and high quality couverture chocolate?

Here at Rock 'N' Roll Chocolate we only offer couverture Beglian chocolate. We believe you not only get a more luxury flavour, mouth feel and over all product but it's a proper treat!

Low quality chocolate is also known as compound chocolate. It's usually made with cocoa powder, an oil instead of cocoa butter, is easier to mass produce and doesn't need to be tempered. Tempering chocolate is a skill which if done incorrectly can cause issues later down the line such as fat blooming, where the chocolate will seperate and cause it to turn white, grainy or streaky. A perfect temper will enable your chocolate to be shiny and have a glorious 'snap'.

High quality, couverture chocolate is made with high quality ingredients. It has a high percentage of cocoa butter instead of oil, the beans themselves are ground to a finer texture during the production process, which results in a smoother chocolate.

Any product you purchased from us is made from a minimum of 33.6% cocoa solids and if you compare this to a Cadbury Dairy Milk which comes in a 20%, the difference is clear to see and taste! Quality is worth the extra money, you'll notice different flavour profiles too!

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